2010 - Volume #BFS, Issue #10, Page #80
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Schweiss Offers Hydraulic Doors
Schweiss Doors, the rural Minnesota company that introduced the patented Lift-Strap opening/closing mechanism and today is the acknowledged No. 1 builder of hydraulic and bifold doors for agriculture and the aviation industry, is flexing its muscle once again.
The powerful hydraulic doors are the newest product from Schweiss. The farm and construction industry is likely to welcome this new Schweiss package.
Here's why:
-Gain Headroom
-Has its own framework!
-One-piece construction
-Any size door.
-Easy to Install
-Adapts to existing building.
Hydraulic doors are catching on fast, because of their simplicity, each door is operated with a powerful pump that operates the one-piece doorfram. Two heavy-duty cylinders raise and lower the framework. Hydraulic doors have few moving parts, which give the doors clean lookin.
The hydraulic pump that operates the door has its own self contained power unit and stand that can be floor mounted, wall mounted or stoed in a back utility room where it is out of the way to give you the clean look, farmers are loving this feature because the door will operate quietly and no pump to be seen.
A hydraulic door is a huge wall; the only difference is it moves. When the wall starts moving everyone steps back and says Wow, taken back that the entire wall is now opening, really amazing!!! Within the wall/door the farmer can install windows at any elevations, some time windows are to look out of the shop door others are installed at high distance off the finished floor to allow natural light into the work area of the shop!
A special feature of the custom-built Schweiss Hydraulic Door is the self-supporting header frame, which gives the buyer/builder tremendous flexibility. In essence, it lets the customer fit a Schweiss Hydraulic Door to an existing building without revamping the supporting structure of the building. That feature saves time and money.
The new, low-head-room, one-piece construction of the Schweiss Hydraulic door also means a builder can work this new Schweiss product into a structure where headroom is an issue. Plus Schweiss Hydraulic doors offer the same options as it's other doors such as: walk-thru door, remote control, insulation, windows, choice of colors, outer skn to match other buildings, etc.
So why the addition of hydraulic doors to a firm that is already marketing its unique bi-folds throughout the country? "Because we wanted to give the customer choices," says Julie Schafer, head of the Schweiss sales team. She explains, "We've always been concerned about two things: 1.) Listening to our customers, and 2.) Building quality and convenience into our products.
Hydraulic Doors are priced about the same as the popular Schweiss Lift-Strap Doors. However, the hydraulic doors are pre-built with a special bottom truss to give added strength and rigidity, very important in high-wind conditions. Also, 2 by 4-in. tubular steel is used for the doorframe. Electrical hookups are 220 amp, single phase which simply plug into the most convenient electric outlet. The doors are extremely weather-tight.
Schweiss says feel free to go to their web site and check out all the door features and options.

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