2010 - Volume #BFS, Issue #10, Page #54
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Inexpensive High Performance Welder Great For Farmers!
"For more than ten years now, one of the first things people still ask is whether our compact low-cost welding systems really do the job of engine-driven welders selling for thousands of dollars more -- a question to which we respond with a resounding YES!" says Anthony Blazina of ZENA, Inc. about his line of amazing high frequency DC welders. Welders, based on patented technology, that attach to any engine, creating a powerful mobile welder that you can take anywhere.
Blazina continues, "Then, after they get a chance to try our welder, professionals typically remark that it's the best welder they've ever used, the next question is usually, Why haven't I heard about this before?' The answer's simple -- in the USA, our welders are not usually shown, or sold, in stores that sell conventional welding equipment. And, if someone asks about one they'll often be told that it doesn't exist,' or that such a thing's impossible.'"
Blazina elaborates, "It's all about money. Welding stores make a lot of profit selling, and servicing, conventional engine-driven welders. The initial sale puts a lot of dollars in their pocket. Service puts in even more. And, since repairing a conventional welder more than a couple years old costs almost as much as buying a new one -- 3 to 5 years out they make a new sale.
"On the other hand," Blazina states, "ZENA welders are a lot less expensive to buy, outperform conventional engine-driven machines, have better long term reliability - and are completely, and easily, user serviceable.
"So the features that make the ZENA welder so attractive to a potential customer scare the welding store dealer. They figure, if a customer knows about us, they might not buy that super profitable engine-drive welder. And they don't like thinking that, even if they do choose to sell that customer a ZENA welder, they'll make less dollars on the sale. They also worry about losing their franchise with major welding equipment manufacturers if their sales of those company's products fall off.
"So," Blazina concludes, "most try to keep us a big secret -- never telling their customers that a modern option to conventional equipment exists. Thank goodness for loyal, satisfied customers and word-of-mouth advertising -- it's what keeps us growing in spite of the fact that you likely won't see one of our welders in a local store."
In addition to free-standing gas or diesel engines, ZENA welders can be fitted to tractors, pickups, cars, utility vehicles -- even garden tractors. Many people use ZENA welders to repair/rebuild older, burned-out welders with working engines. Others build hydraulic or pto-driven welders. For those who aren't so handy, ZENA also has factory-built hydraulic and pto-drive welding systems - as well as custom bracket kits to fit ZENA welders to almost any American-made pickup truck. ZENA also has dealers who build, and sell, complete engine driven welders.
Welding power from ZENA welders ranges from 150, to over 1200 amps. All models are 100 percent duty, and all come standard with 20-ft.long welding cables. Overall cable length can be extended to more than 400 ft. Accessories that let you use the ZENA welder as a power source for CV or CC MIG or Flux Core wire welding, TIG welding, arc gouging, or even as an ultra high power fully automatic battery charger/jump starter, are also available.
Blazina notes, "Our welding systems do the job of engine-driven welders selling from $4,000 to well over $20,000, are much more convenient to use, and can be incredibly portable. And because, unlike any other welder, all of the welding controls that an operator needs are literally at their fingertips. Remote controls are built into the electrode holder, completely eliminating the need to go back and forth to a generator's control panel to set, or change, welding power. With a ZENA welder, you can even adjust power while you are welding. A level of control that most welders have never experienced." He continues, "Just imagine a harvesting operation with one of our welders on a truck or tractor, making

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