2010 - Volume #BFS, Issue #10, Page #48
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Your Shop Can Be Toasty Warm This Winter... With Waste Oil
"Farmers are absolutely amazed at the heat put out by our Free Burn line of waste oil heaters," says Harold Ag & Mobile Products. "We've been building and refining these kits for 12 years now, and people call back with comments like that all the time."
Dispose of all your used engine oil, hydraulic and transmission fluid, gear oil, vegetable oil, and more while heating your shop at the same time. There are 140,000 BTU's of heat in one gallon of used oil. Don't waste all that free heat.
If you like simple things that work, you will love these heaters, says the company. They are easy to build and maintain yourself, with no welding required.
  "These heaters are packed with steel heat exchanger tubes, and the air plenum and powerful blower will fill your shop with heat. The tubes protect the barrels from burning out, giving them a very long life. They are absolutely the best kits available, and much cheaper than a commercial model."
There is no nozzle to plug, a common problem with other waste oil heaters. There are separate, variable controls for oil flow and combustion air, which allows you to adjust the burn rate for best performance and the heat output you want. The combustion chamber provides thorough mixing of oil vapors and combustion air, giving a clean burn.
They make three different sizes of heaters, for shops from the size of garages up to 5,000 square feet or larger. Clear, detailed assembly instructions have photos and diagrams. You supply the barrel, flue pipe, and basic tools, and everything else is included in the kits. The heater is not thermostat-controlled. Priced from $1295 to $1995, plus shipping.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Harold Ag & Mobile Products, (ph 800 541-8910; website: www.heco.net).

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2010 - Volume #BFS, Issue #10