2010 - Volume #BFS, Issue #10, Page #42
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Grain Bin Moving Business Just Keeps "Picking Up"
A service that didn't even exist 30 years ago has developed into a business that has definitely had an impact on todays' agriculture.
In 1985, Mark Bruellman of Rolfe, Iowa started moving bins and buildings after purchasing some equipment from his neighbor, Roger Montag, the builder. See FARM SHOW Volume 11, No. 3. He has continued to build and purchase additional equipment to meet the demand over the years. His arsenal of movers now consists of 3 tipover 18 ft. movers, 3 movers to carry bins upright from 15 ft. up to 42 ft. dia. along with a few building movers capable of up to about 50,000 lbs. The most commonly used bin mover can raise up a bin with a roof height of up to 38 ft.; which is about the height requirement to move a 42 by 9 ring bin. This machine weighs 9 tons and is pulled by a semi tractor. Bins moved upright can be moved in one piece, split once or twice. The lower the peak height in transport, thehigher the price.
Almost all the bins Mark & his crew do are split down as it's still usually cheaper than having wires taken down. It's difficult to pin down an exact time to meet the utility co., as these speedy movers average 550 miles travel per week while moving 8 bins per week during the peak summer season.
Bruellman also built a pull-type crane that he uses to shrink down 18 ft. bins and can haul 2 at a time on a trailer for long distance moves.
In the 25 years in this business, Mark and his crew have moved 3,075 bins and 250 buildings a total of 27,000 miles with a total storage capacity of 25 million bushels.
With an average crew size of 6, from the time they pull up to a 30' bin, split it down, move it 8 miles, re-erect it using new bolts, center and anchor the bin, 4 hrs have elapsed.
As the decal on his truck states, maybe the biggest, surely the best"- the #1 goal is to be the best mover at any price. Evidently his reputation has spread as Bruellman has moved bins in Ia, Il, Mn. SD, Mo, Ne, Mich, Wis., Ind., Ky., & even Texas.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bruellman Bin Moving, Inc., 29731 - 410th St., Rolfe, Iowa 50581 (ph 800 370-2467 or 712 848-3247; email: bbmi@ncn.net).

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2010 - Volume #BFS, Issue #10