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Grain Cart Unloads High Or Low
"Our new 800-bu. grain cart is equipped with an unloading auger that swivels 45 degrees up or down, allowing it to reach up to 13 1/2 ft. high or down to within 3 ft. 11 in. of the ground. Works great for unloading grain into hopper bottom augers as well as trucks," says Jack Degelman, Degelman Industries, Regina, Sask.
The pto-powered "Shuttlekart" has a 12-in. dia. auger along the bottom of the hop-per that feeds into the 16-in. dia. unloading auger up front which is fitted with a hydraulic cylinder that pivots it up or down.
"A 10-in. dia. spout on the end of the unloading auger restricts grain flow to reduce spillage," says Degelman. "Grain can be unloaded at a rate of 200 bu. per minute, allowing you to unload a full cart in only 4 minutes. The amount of grain flowing into the auger inside the hopper is controlled by a hydraulic-controlled apron. Lowering the shield all the way down completely closes off grain flow to the auger so that even with a cart full of grain there's no load on the pto when you start it."
Options for the cart include a tarp and weigh scale.
Price of the Shuttlekart had not been determined at press time.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Degelman Industries, Ltd., Box 830, 272 Industrial Drive, Regina, Sask., Canada S4P 3B1 (ph 306 543-4447).

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