2010 - Volume #BFS, Issue #10, Page #34
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Strawberry And Livestock Growers' Answer To Uniform Straw Coverage
According to Double R Manufacturing, there are 12 Reasons why the BeddingPro tractor-mounted straw spreader is your best choice for mulching crops and bedding livestock:

1.  It requires just 40 hp, which means great fuel savings, and a minimum of dust and noise.
2.  The compact design suits confined areas.
3.  It offers controlled and uniformed distribution, which means less time and less waste.
4.  Less waste means less straw used.
5.  Less straw means you don't harvest as much, or you have extra to sell.
6.  If you don't need as much straw, that's less you have to purchase.
7.  Can be used on skid steer or tractor.
8.  BeddingPro shreds canary grass, straw, frozen bales, silage and corn silage.
9.  The BeddingPro costs a fraction of other straw spreaders.
10. Weighs less than 1200 lbs.
11. It also has self loading, extra bale carrying capability, wide spread option and hydraulic model.
12. It is well-built, low maintenance and has no exotic parts.

Contact: Double R Manufacturing, 270 Branch Road, Crapaud PE, C0A 1J0 (ph 888 658-2088; beddingpro@gmail.com; www.doublermanufacturing.com).

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2010 - Volume #BFS, Issue #10