2010 - Volume #BFS, Issue #10, Page #02
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New Way To Bale While You Rake
"It's not the first one-pass haying system ever, but I think it's the best," says Cecil Scott, Porter, Texas, who modified an H&S 27-ft. rake to pull any brand of round baler. "While doing my patent research I found several versions that were home-built as early as 1986 with a V-rake."
  The system eliminates the need for a separate raking pass and turns baling hay into a one-man operation, says Scott. The rake is available with the modification kit installed or you can buy a kit to install on any H&S or Pioneer rake model.
  "I came up with the idea because I had trouble finding anyone to run my hay rake while I baled," says Scott. "Rakes designed to mount on front of the tractor create a lot of dust which can cause problems with air and oil filters. You can buy rake wheels that mount directly onto the baler, but they're awkward to use and difficult to disconnect. Disconnecting the baler from my rake is as simple as pulling a pin and unhooking the quick-disconnect hydraulic hoses."
  The baler is pulled a full 22 ft. behind the tractor and is operated by a long pto shaft. The baler hooks up to a drawbar on back of the rake.
  The kit includes the main pull bar, pto shaft, a new set of shortened-up hydraulic hoses, and new electrical wire for the baler monitor. It also includes a Fasse hydraulic diverter valve that mounts on front of the rake, so if your tractor has only two remotes you can still operate both machines. It takes two men about four hours to install the kit on an H&S rake.
  Scott no longer builds the unit himself. Dean Equipment in Tyler, Texas took over manufacturing, made some improvements, and now sells units for 12, 14 and 16-wheel rakes. The rake and kit installed, complete, retails for $20,000 for an HC 12 or a Frontier WR 12. The kit itself sells for $7,600 FOB.
  The system requires about 20 more horsepower than operating the baler alone.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jason Dean, Tyler, Texas (ph 903 216-6353; email: deanequipment@gmail.com).

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