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First Automatic Waste Oil Heater
First on the market with a fully automatic "home size" waste oil heater requiring very little maintenance is Clean Energy Inc., Leola, Penn.
"Unlike other waste oil heaters on the market, we do not vaporize the oil. We burn it all and eliminate the daily or weekly cleanout required of conventional waste oil heaters. Our new Clean Burn only has to be cleaned two or three times a year, explains Elvin Martin, sales manager. "An electric eye watches the flame, providing automatic, thermostatically controlled combustion of oil inside the heater. "Other cornpanies may use the term thermostatically controlled but it simply applies to the fan. With the Clean Burn, combustion of the flame is thermostatically controlled, as well as the fan."
Martin notes that the Clean Burn will burn crankcase oil, transmission oil, hydraulic oil, or any combination of these oils. "By using a small amount of air through our special nozzle and burning assembly, we get a totally clean burn, producing a gray-white powder that needs cleaning only two or three times a year, depending on use. Burns clean with no smoke."
Prices range from $1,638 for a 70,000 btu manual-control unit, to $3,024 for a fully automatic Clean Burn with on-off thermostat and rated at 335,000 btu's. Oil consumption per hour ranges from 1/2 gal. in the small manual unit to upwards of 2 1/2 gal. in the largest (335,000 btu) automatic unit. A 200,000 btu unit with automatic on-off thermostat flame control is also available.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Clean Energy Inc., 83 Graffdale Road, Leola, Penn. 17540 (ph 717 656-2811).

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