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Carpet Keeps Old Car Looking Great
Strangers love to stop Dick Triggs and ask him about his car. Most people, he says, have never seen a car completely covered with carpet.
Triggs got the idea to carpet his 1973 Chevrolet four years ago when the exterior of the car was ruined at his daughter's wedding by enthusiastic friends who covered it with painted-on messages. It also had a couple leaks in the roof and a considerable amount of rust. When he took it to the local body shop and was told a complete paint job would cost $900, he decided to find another way.
Triggs bought $75 worth of green indoor-outdoor carpeting and $15 worth of carpet glue and set to work in his garage. After about a month of cutting and fitting, covering all painted surfaces and the vinyl top, he had a carpeted, all-green car. He cut the carpet to fit around some of the chrome strips and in other places went right over it.
"I thought it looked strange at first but now I think it looks great. It's easier to keep clean than paint and, after four years, it hasn't faded a bit," says Triggs' wife Bonnie.
Triggs notes that the carpet not only permanently solved the problem of the deteriorating car body but it also stopped the leaks in the roof. To keep it clean he simply hoses it down occasionally. If any piece comes loose he slaps on a little additional glue.
"We like it so much we may cover our motor home with carpet," Bonnie told FARM SHOW.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Richard Triggs, 115 N. 9th Ave., Vinton, Iowa 52349 (ph 319 472-2266)

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