2010 - Volume #34, Issue #1, Page #20
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Snowblower Mounts On Mini Skid Loader

Eugene and Edward Kaban, Brandon, Man.,  wanted to use their Ramrod 900 mini skid loader - equipped with a stand-on platform on back - to power a snowblower.
  They bought a 48-in., 2-stage snowblower that was originally designed to mount on front of a Turf Track garden tractor. The snowblower was originally belt-driven off the tractor's engine. They bought a Kohler 16 hp electric start engine at an auction and built a frame to mount the engine above the snowblower's gearbox, allowing the engine to belt-drive the snowblower.
  They also extended the Kohler engine's throttle control cable to the back of the skid loader and raised the snowblower's chute adjustment rod so it can be reached from the back of the skid loader. They also live wired the Kohler electric start engine to the skid loader's battery, so the operator can start the engine from the back of the machine.
  "The add-on engine operates the snowblower without robbing any hydraulic power from the skid loader," says Eugene. "The new snowblower can handle any kind of snow, whether it's soft or hard-packed. We can blow snow as fast as we can drive the skid loader.
  "We saved money because a new hydraulic-operated snowblower for the skid loader would have cost about $4,200. We paid $250 for the 2-stage snowblower and $400 for the engine. Our total cost was well below $1,000."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Edward A. Kaban, 702 Ottawa Ave., Brandon, Man., Canada R7A 1N2 (ph 204 726-5882).

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2010 - Volume #34, Issue #1