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Removable Front Bumper Hitch For Cars, Pickups
Here's a handy new removable front bumper ball hitch for cars and pick-ups that slips on and off in a matter of seconds.
Called the Wag-Hitch, it's great for backing wagons, trailers, boats and other equipment into tight quarters from the front of your vehicle, or for towing your car or pickup behind a tractor or combine when going to the field, or down the road.
The front hitch, which also comes in handy if the vehicle has to be winched or pulled out of a mud hole or snow drift, consists of a mounting bracket (pull plate) centered on the front bumper. You drill four holes and permanently mount the bracket, which is hidden behind the front license plate. The ball portion of the Wag-Hitch assembly slips over the mounting bracket (no need to remove the license plate) in a matter of seconds and is secured with a slip-in pin.
Two models are available:
Class 1 Wag-Hitch: It's designed for easier maneuvering of boats, wagons, trailers or other equipment into tight quarters. You simply slip the Wag-Hitch onto the mounting bracket, then hook the tongue of the wagon, boat or trailer onto the ball of the Wag-Hitch.
Class 2 Wag-Hitch: It's heavier-built, allowing the vehicle on which it's used to be towed to the field, or down the road. Unlike the lighter Class I hitch, the Class 2 is designed to accept a standard tow bar. You simply slip the tow bar into position on the hitch, then secure it with a horizontal slip-in pin.
"The same mounting bracket (pull plate) is used for Class 1 and Class 2 hitches, both of which are S.A.E. tested and approved," explains Larry Koch, manufacturer. "You can equip several vehicles with standard mounting brackets, which are hidden from view behind the license plate and have no unsightly or shin-busting protrusions. You then buy only one wag ball hitch assembly and move it from one vehicle to another as needed."
The Class 1 Wag-Hitch kit, complete with mounting bracket, accepts ball hitches up to 2 in. in dia. and retails for $74.95. The Class 2 kit accepts ball hitches up to 2-5/16 in. and retails, with bracket, for $89.50. Extra standard mounting brackets retail for $22.50.
Koch notes that some customers have installed the removable Wag-Hitch on the rear bumper of cars and pickups. "We haven't tested the hitch for rear mounting and therefore can't recommend it for this application. For farmers wanting to try it, we'd suggest using only the heavier duty Class 2 Wag-Hitch. You'd also have to beef up the bumper to withstand the pulling strain."
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Woody's Welding Inc., 121 North Waldom Ave., Grand Island, Neb. 68801 (ph 308 382-3486).

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