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He Burns Wood And Used Oil At The Same Time In Barrel Stove
Trevor Bruntlett, Chelan, Wash.: "Recently I bought a 2002 lawn tractor used and soon discovered someone had put something in the fuel tank that gummed up the entire fuel system. The plunger for the carburetor's fuel metering system broke, and unfortunately I couldn't get new parts. I solved the problem by installing the plunger out of a 15-year-old Briggs & Stratton 12 hp engine that I already had. Now the tractor runs great.
  "The 12 hp engine in my Sears Craftsman lawn tractor had only 25 lbs. of compression which made it hard to start and kept it from running well. I replaced the 12 hp engine with a much smaller 3 hp engine off an old push mower. I use the tractor mainly to pull small trailers and to move snow with a 4-ft. wide front-mounted blade. Most of the power used by the 12 hp engine went to driving the mower blades, so even just a 3 hp engine provides enough power for what I need.
  "I burn wood and used oil at the same time in my barrel stove to heat my 24 by 36-ft. shop. I start the fire with wood and paper and once the fire gets going good I add about two quarts of oil. It's a good way to get rid of used oil, and it reduces the amount of wood I use to heat the shop. I add oil every time I reload the stove. I just open the front door and throw in a pail full of oil. The wood burns hot enough that it vaporizes the oil and burns it off without creating a lot of smoke like you get when burning just straight oil. My shop doesn't have any insulation, but the shop stays comfortably warm even when it's 20 degrees above zero outside."

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