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Hair Care Products Made From Soybeans
A new line of soybean-based hair care products may create a huge new demand for soybeans, says Soya Systems, Inc., St. Louis, Mo.
The line includes shampoos, conditioners, and various styling aids. All products are made entirely from natural ingredients, including hydrolyzed soybean protein and soybean oil, and are biodegradable.
"Soya System hair care products are the first to use hydrolyzed soybean protein which allows them to work instantly and leave no wax build-up," says Dennis Larrison, distributor for Tri-State Soya, Rochester, Minn. Tri-State wholesales the products to professional beauty salons. "Soybean protein is broken down through an enzymatic action into molecules of equal size and weight. This allows the protein to penetrate the hair follicle immediately and begin repairing any damage instantly. You don't have to wait in the shower for the product to work.
By comparison, products made with animal proteins are broken down into uneven molecules, so it usually takes at least one minute for the protein to penetrate the hair."
According to Larrison, hydrolyzed soy-bean protein is 90 percent pure, compared to protein sources in other hair care products which are at most 40 percent pure. "Since it is so pure, residual hydrolyzed soybean protein emulsifies and is rinsed away quickly," says Larrison. "Only the proper amount remains in broken areas. It doesn't coat the hair so there's no wax buildup."
Eight ounce shampoo containers and 4-oz. conditioner containers sell for $5 plus shipping. Thirtytwo ounce shampoo containers and 16-oz. conditioner containers sell for $16 plus shipping.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Tri-State Soya, 12714th St. N.E., Rochester, Minn. 55904 (ph 507 280-9700).

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