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How To Make A Big Spring Longer Without Permanently Stretching It
Roger Gutschmidt, Gackle, N. Dak.: "When I need to make a big spring longer without permanently stretching it, I have a couple of tricks that I use. These ideas work on all springs, little or big. Sometimes you have a really strong spring that you have to hook onto something at both ends. For example, there can be springs like this on haybine headers or balers; I have a ft. long, 1-in. dia. spring on my baler.
  "I've found that you only need to lengthen it by an inch or two and my trick is to put flat washers between the coils of the spring by prying them apart with a screwdriver. I use an inch or so worth of 1/8-in. thick flat washers, and then pound them between the coils. That temporarily makes the spring longer so you can hook it on to what you need to. Once you lift the piece of equipment up it will stretch the spring out and the washers will all fall out.
  "If you can take the spring off altogether, that's when it's easiest to put the washers in because the hooks on the ends can be snubbed up to something. I hook one end to a cement post or some other strong stationary object, and stretch the other end using a steel cable come-along, or a ratchety tie strap for little springs."

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