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Tow-Behind Snowmobile Sled
An Indiana farmer built an enclosed tow-behind snowmobile sled so his wife and kids can ride along with him when he heads out into cold weather for some fun.
"I found two junk snowmobiles with approximately the same ski width as my Kawasaki 340," says Glen Schurr, Fowler, Ind. "I built the main frame out of 1-in. sq. tubing and attached the two sets of skis, putting the longest set of skis under the rear. The front skis attach to a tongue so they pivot to follow the snowmobile.
"The sled cover slopes at about a 45? angle. The side frame is made out of thin angle iron covered with aluminum from a wrecked semi-trailer - it's pop-riveted to the frame. The 1/8-in. thick plexiglass cover raises up to the right side, aided by gas-filled shocks. The left side is built lower to make access easy. The sled is fitted with running and stop lights as well as a dome light inside. A local body shop painted the sled to match my snowmobile for me. The sled weighs approximately 90 lbs. empty.
"Inside there are two padded seats and a carpeted floor to prevent slippage. I can communicate with a passenger while driving the snowmobile by using a helmet radio specifically wired for the driver and passenger.
"This sled is perfectly safe thanks to its steerability and the full enclosure. To keep the center of gravity lower than the snow-mobile, the seats for the passenger were countersunk in the sled. Therefore, the sled will stay upright even if the snowmobile and driver don't.
"I built the sled for my wife and children. There was a sled on the market but it wasn't enclosed. We've hauled as many as two adults and two children in the sled with no problem. Some of the adults have been 6-ft. plus and have been comfortable. I've also used the sled to transport supplies from town during snow emergencies."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Glen Schurr, Rt. 1, Box 196, Fowler, Ind. 47944 (ph 317 884-0340).

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