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Pet Buffalo Likes Riding In The Car
"Bailey D. Buffalo Jr." is an ambassador for the Alberta bison industry. He's raised the profile of his "kin" by riding in cars and hanging out in homes.
  Bailey's owners, Jim and Linda Sautner of Spruce Grove, Alberta have a special bond with the 15-month-old, 1,050-lb. animal who was orphaned at birth. Jim's knack for training has allowed Bailey to practically become a member of the family.
  "I cut the top off a 1996 Pontiac Parisienne to make a Bailey-Mobile. I also took out the back seat and front passenger seat so I can lead him in through the back door at an angle. I took the windshield out, too because he was too long," Sautner explains. "Once I coaxed him in with a pail of oats, he knew how to do it, and now, if I leave the door open, he'll go in by himself. In fact, sometimes he'll even jump in without the doors open, to take a look in there, checking for oats."
  When Sautner takes Bailey for a ride he never drives faster than 40 mph. "We go in parades, and sometimes on a hot day when I think he's feeling pretty hot and wants to get the wind blowing through his hair, I take him out on the highway and he sticks his nose in the air, and I know he loves it," he says.
  "Bailey D. Buffalo Sr." passed away in Apr., 2008. He was 1,800 lbs., often came into Sautner's house, and liked to do country line dancing.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jim Sautner, Lot 2 - 53222, Hwy. 44, Spruce Grove, Alberta Canada T7X 3L3 (ph 780 960-7155; bisonjim@telusmail.net; www.baileythebuffalo.com).

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