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Ganged Mowers Cut A 6 1/2-Ft. Swath
"I've reduced mowing time in half," says Paul Rodland, Ringoes, N. J., who built a hitch to pull two push mowers behind his riding mower.
  The 22-in. push mowers are hitched behind a Deere 12 hp riding mower with a 38-in. deck. The three decks cut a 78-in. wide swath with a 2-in. overlap. A pull bar across the back of the riding mower is pinned to the mower's hitch. The pull bar is made from 1 1/2-in. flat stock with a pressure treated 2 by 4 running through it. Plywood bracing bolted to the top and bottom of the pull bar provides reinforcement.
  Metal brackets attach to the front of each push mower and are bolted to the pull bar. The brackets are attached to the mowers by a 3/8-in. I-bolt that runs through a hole drilled into the mower deck, with a pair of nuts tightened to the inside and outside of the deck.
  A chain extends from each corner of the pull bar up to the riding mower's footboard.
   "It's actually fun to mow with this setup due to its crowd appeal. I live on a main road, and when they see me mowing a lot of people beep their car horns and give me the thumbs up," says Rodland. "I left the handles on both mowers so I can detach them to do trim work."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Paul Rodland, 175 Wertsville Rd., Ringoes, N. J. 08551 (ph 908 806-6790; www.mowfast.biz).

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