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Home-Built Snowblower Out Of A Forage Blower
About 35 years ago I built this snowblower out of a forage blower that a neighbor gave me. I built the housing and augers for the machine and used the gearbox from a Minneapolis Moline corn sheller to drive the augers.
  At one time I used the snowblower on township roads and for our local grain elevator. One of the first years I used it we had a snowstorm with 70 mph winds. Some neighbors with single stage snow blowers couldn't do anything, but I had no trouble and was able to clear 21 of my neighbors' yards.
  Another time a neighbor asked me to clear a path beside his house and back to his cistern so he could haul water to it. He showed me just where I should drive. However, when I got about half way to the cistern the machine started making an unfamiliar noise, so I backed up. It turned out I had blown away about half of a wooden picnic table, which he forgot was there. Even though the machine is now 35 years old, it still works good. (Wesley Lindstrom, 2743 171st St., Currie, Minn. 56123)

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