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They Use Old Cattle Water Tanks To Grow Garden Vegtables
We use old, leaky cattle water tanks to grow garden vegetables, including onions, strawberries, lettuce, beets, and cucumbers. Rusted-out holes at the bottom of the tank allow excess water to drain out. Some of the tanks we already have, and the rest we get free from neighbors. The tanks measure 3 ft. wide by 5 ft. long and about 28 in. high, so we don't have to bend over very far.
  Each tank sets on a thick plastic sheet along the south side of our house. The plastic sheet keeps any tree roots from coming up through the tank. We fill the tanks with soil and peat moss and occasionally add kitchen scraps to add organic matter. The cucumbers are trained to climb up cattle panels fastened to fence posts inside the tubs.
  To grow strawberries we mount a layer of chicken wire above the tank to keep cats and birds out. (Charolette Dietrich, 2053 Hwy. 2, Graceville, Florida 32440 ph 850 263-4339)

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