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Riding Mower Converted To Self-Propelled Wheelbarrow
Old riding mowers can be converted into self-propelled wheelbarrows, says Edward Kaban, Brandon, Manitoba, who converted an old Ford mower.
  The wheelbarrow mounts on back, above the engine and directly behind the seat, and is manually dumped. It hinges on two bolts and is held in place by a front-mounted latch.
  "I'm retired from farming and live in town where I have a small garden and enjoy doing yard work. It makes gardening more enjoyable," says Kaban.
  He started with a late 1960's Ford 528 riding mower equipped with a 28-in. deck, which he bought at an auction. He removed the deck and replaced the mower's original 5 hp engine, which was worn out, with an 8 hp electric start engine off a Lawn Boy mower he also bought at an auction. "My total cost for both mowers was $30," says Kaban.
  The Ford mower's original seat sat low and was in the way of the wheelbarrow. To solve the problem he removed the seat but kept the mounting bracket for it, then mounted the Lawn Boy's seat on top of it. That moved the seat 6 in. forward and also raised it. With the seat moved forward he needed more room for his legs, so he repositioned the steering column straight up and down.
  He then used angle iron to build a frame that supports front end of wheelbarrow and bolted it on back of the mower frame. He also stripped the bottom deck off the mower to provide more clearance on uneven terrain. And to prevent flat tires, he replaced the original air-filled tires with solid tractor-style tires.
  A metal box mounted next to the steering column houses the engine's electric start, as well as the choke cable and throttle cable. He also added a cow horn off a Model A car that's wired to the mower's 12-volt battery. "Now my neighbors always know when I'm coming," chuckles Kaban.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Edward A. Kaban, 702 Ottawa Ave., Brandon, Manitoba, Canada R7A 1N2 (ph 204 726-5882).

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