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Kit Retrofits Diesels For Multiple Fuels
A new flex fuel kit from Dino Fuel Alternatives lets you chop fuel costs and clean up engines by making it easy to burn, says James Tracy, one of Dino Fuel's owners.
  Tied into the ignition system, it makes flipping back to diesel from an alternative fuel as easy as flipping a switch. After a fuel system reverts to diesel the engine only stops once the system has been purged completely of alternative fuel.
"Our system lets customers run on alternative oils when they want without concern over temperatures, and they don't have to be mechanics," says Tracy. "Customers like the fact that once the system is installed, it monitors itself, turning on and off automatically. Flip a rocker switch, and the automatic system becomes fully manual."
The company's Vegi system is a self-contained, heated and fully automated unit developed originally for waste vegetable oil. It's now certified to burn straight diesel, B100 (100 percent biodiesel), straight vegetable oil (new and filtered waste), as well as kerosene and several other fuels. Installing the kit leaves the original OEM fuel system untouched.
Dino Fuel was the first to use temperature and pressure based switching instead of solenoid valves. The system consists of a compact modular aluminum block with oil filter, valves and sensors. When activated, the higher-pressure alternative fuel overrides the diesel fuel system, forcing the diesel fuel back into recirculation. If the alternative fuel pressure drops for any reason, diesel flows back into the engine and quickly purges any remaining alternative fuel.
The Vegistroke V3 Manifold kit is recommended for Ford Powerstroke engines. The VegiRam CRV1 Manifold fuel system is designed for 5.9-liter Cummins engines in Dodge trucks. Prices vary from $1,900 with manual only control to $2,975 for a fully automatic with manual option control system. Tanks are extra, and components are available individually as well as in kit form.
Three models of alternative fuel tanks are available. Two are designed for placement in the truck box, and the third is a belly tank. Tanks have an engine coolant based heat exchanger built in to prevent fuel gelling. They range in size from 40 to 90 gal. and are priced from $500 to $1,187.
Tracy says the company is concentrating on corporate and government fleet conversions. Consumer sales have fallen off with diesel prices. "Most people get complacent with diesel at $2 per gallon," he says. "People concerned about the environment or independence from foreign oil are still buying. The others are waiting for the price of oil to go back up."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dino Fuel Alternatives, 7911 NE 33rd Drive, Suite 360, Portland Oregon 97211 (ph 866 369-5172; info@dinofuelalternatives.com; www.dinofuelalternatives.com).

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