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Add-On Laser Guide For Chop Saws
"Our add-on laser turns on automatically only when the blade starts to rotate and shuts off when it stops," says Bob Bonsi, Laser US, Inc. "Other units have to be turned on, and if you don't notice, they stay on, wearing out the battery. I've had one on my circular saw for several years, and the battery hasn't run out yet."
Bonsi's son Paul invented the laser guide after the laser site company he worked for moved overseas. He focused on developing a laser guide for chop saws.
"He started manufacturing this unit only to discover a major tool company had stolen the idea and was selling saws with it in place," says Bonsi. "They even had his patent number on it."
His son sued but due to lack of funds settled largely for the rights to make and sell the unit himself. Disabled by a brain aneurysm, his father is helping him with manufacturing and marketing.
"It has been great to hear from people who have bought one," says Bonsi. "One fellow said it was better than toilet paper."
They now make and sell laser guides for a variety of circular saws, miter saws, chop saws and others. Model #15500 is designed for radial arm saws and others that use a nut to hold the washer and blade in place. Model #12200 fits 95 percent of all saws that use a bolt or screw to hold the washer on. Both guides are priced at $24.95. An earlier model introduced for circular saws is now being phased out. Bonsi says those $29.95 laser guides have been marked down to $19.95.
Laser US guarantees the laser for a year. The entire unit is 2 in. in diameter and about 1/3 in. thick.
"Installing it is easy. Just replace the existing washer with our unit," says Bonsi.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Laser US, Inc., P.O. Box 2575, White City, Oregon 97503 (ph 541 450-1204; 888 767-1262; bob@laserusinc.com; www.laserusinc.com).

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