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"Hanger" Makes Post Auger Hook Up Easy
Dwayne Oxford, Holladay, Tenn., built an "auger hanger" to keep his 3-pt. mounted post-hole auger off the ground, where it's easy to hook up to the tractor.
  "It's made out of nothing more than T-posts and pipe, but it works great," says Oxford.
  The unit consists of a pair of vertical T-post "legs" spaced about 3 ft. apart, with a 1-in. dia. pipe across the top. The pipe rests horizontally on a pair of cradles and extends through a short length of 3-in. dia. pipe that Oxford welded onto the auger boom. The 1-in. dia. horizontal pipe is held in place on the auger by a pair of washers welded onto it on either side of the 3-in. dia. pipe.
  Each pipe cradle is welded to the top of a length of pipe that slips over a T-post. A nut is welded to the bottom of the pipe. By loosening a set screw, Oxford can change the height of each cradle.
  Each post sets inside a concrete block and has a lawn mower blade welded onto it at the bottom. "If the ground gets real soft, the blade keeps the post from sinking into the ground any farther than the block," says Oxford.
  To keep the auger from getting hung up on tree roots, Oxford welded a pair of 2 by 8-in. sharpened steel blades between the auger's bottom two flights. He also welded stainless steel onto the leading edges of each blade for added wear.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dwayne Oxford, 4295 Kelly Road, Holladay, Tenn. 38341 (ph 731 584-6591).

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