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Low-Cost Way To Keep Grain Dry, Cool
You don't need to use fans or outside energy to do a good job of removing heat and moisture from stored grain. Farmer-inventor Gary Schreiner found a way to use the power of natural convection instead.
  Schreiner installs vertical perforated pipes up the center of bins to cool, dry and ventilate grain.
  "Initially, I got the idea from the old practice of installing cedar posts in grain piles to wick heat and moisture up to the top of the pile where it vented to the atmosphere," he explains. "Because cold air is heavier than hot air, the heat rises and will naturally follow the path of least resistance. I figured that we could capitalize on this principle in all types of grain storage facilities."
  Schreiner started a business called "GrainAirTubes." His 6-in. dia. perforated pipes condition grain without having to depend on electricity, extra manpower, or wait for the right weather. The air channel at the center of the bin also eliminates hot spots and reduces insect problems.
  "I have customers who no longer use fans on any of the grain bins on their farms," he points out. "GrainAirTubes work equally well with Quonsets, grain rings and other flat storage methods."
  GrainAirTubes are suspended from the bin roof, and held in place by adjustable floor stands. The weight of the pipe keeps it from moving around.
  The company can supply any length of tube needed. Prices depend on the length of pipe but range from $500 to $1,000 (Can.) per kit. According to Schreiner, installation is quite straight forward.
  Dealer inquiries are welcome.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, GrainAirTubes, R.R.#4, Box 316, Saskatoon, Sask., Canada S7K 3J7 (ph 306 933-1134, 306 291-9960; schreinerfarms@live.ca;

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