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BB Machine Gun Shoots 50 Rounds Per Second
If you've got a lot of money to burn - and you're looking for something to impress your friends - this new fully automatic, rotary barrel BB machine gun is like nothing you've ever seen.
  The 19-lb., 29-in. long air gun has a 1,500-round internal hopper, with an optional external 5,000-round hopper. It shoots BB's at 490ft./sec. at 140-psi muzzle velocity. When you're shooting, the three barrels rotate quickly like an old-time Gatling gun.
  "They shoot effectively up to 50 yards," Piper says. "You can add hop-ups to put backspin on BBs for more accuracy to about 75 yards."
  The air guns shoot everything from 6 mm plastic or steel BBs to .177 caliber BB's. Starting rate is set at 40 to 50 rounds/sec. from the factory.
  "The guns are a hybrid of gas and electric," explains Paul Piper, owner of Piper's Precision Products. "Battery packs rotate the barrels and open or close the air valve."
  The air source can be anything from a shop air compressor to CO2 canisters.
  Piper notes that he has three types of customers: collectors, military simulation gamers, and backyard plinkers who are just fascinated with the gun's complex mechanisms.
  By using different size ammunition and adjusting the voltage, the guns can be shot in a basement, backyard or in a large field. Because they're air guns, it's legal to have them as fully automatic weapons - though some communities may have ordinances that prohibit them.
  Piper has made 6-barreled guns in the past that sold for as much as $5,000. The new 3-barreled gun sells for $2,995. It's likely to sell out quickly since it's a limited edition model. Limited runs of models, such as Evolution, often sell out shortly after release.
  More information, including videos of the air guns in action, is available on the website.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Paul and Joseph Piper, Piper Precision Products (ph 419 516-9222; ppiper@woh.rr.com or joetech@watchtv.net; www.pipersprecision products.com).

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