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Shop Stove Doubles As A "Smoker"
"This wood stove heats my shop and doubles as a smoker, so I can smoke meat while working on equipment," says Del Stubbs, Leonard, Minn.
  He made the stove from a 30-gal. water pressure tank mounted on four pipe legs and with a brake drum as a door. He bolted the smoker on top of the stove. It consists of an old 20-gal. oil barrel with a hinged metal door at one end that's made from 1/2-in. thick steel plate. A 6-in. dia. flue runs from the stove into the smoker and then out the top.
  "Whether the top barrel is used to smoke meat or not, it adds efficiency to my wood stove by radiating more heat from the exhaust," notes Stubbs.
  The brake drum door hinges on a long metal pin at one side of the stove. A metal baffle with a handle on it is used to control air intake. There's also a baffle on the flue above the smoker.
  "I use it a lot to smoke sausages and chicken," says Stubbs. "I'd been using a small Weber grill but I wasn't very happy with it. I thought that since I use the wood stove to heat my shop half the year anyway, why not get double use out of it? Another advantage is that I don't have to light a separate fire.
  "I think any wood stove would work with this idea. In fact, I'm amazed there's nothing on the market like it."
  Stubbs hangs a string of homemade sausages from 1/4-in. dia. metal rods that extend through holes drilled into the smoker. To cook chicken, he just puts the chicken on a stainless wire tray and lays it inside the smoker. A meat thermometer with a cable attached to it makes it easy to monitor the process. An air temperature gauge extends through one side of the smoker. "At first I thought I'd need a middle baffle to keep more heat in the smoker, but I found it wasn't necessary," says Stubbs.
  Stubbs says he used a brake drum for the stove's door "because it's made out of cast iron and won't warp when it gets hot". He placed fireproof rope - the kind made for sealing stoves - on the perimeter of the brake drum to make the door air-tight.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Del Stubbs, 17738 Nelson Dam Rd. N.W., Leonard, Minn. 56652 (ph 218 243-2145; mdstubbs@paulbunyan.net).

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