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New Way To Move Bales With An ATV
You can move large round bales behind a 4-wheeler or pickup using this new electric-operated, 2-wheeled cart.
  "It eliminates the need for a tractor and lets you get into wet fields without leaving ruts," says Lonnie Fast, Fast Hay Movers, Inc., Fairmont, W. Va.
  The patent pending Hay Baby lets you load and unload bales without ever leaving the driver's seat. It rides on turf tires and has an electric-operated winch that's used to raise or lower a bale spear bale. The winch is operated by a remote control mounted on the ATV handlebars and is wired to the vehicle's battery.
  The unit is available in two models - one with a universal hitch for both ball hitches and receiver hitches; and one for receiver hitches only.
  "I came up with the idea because I have a cow-calf operation and wanted to move round bales without using a tractor," says Fast. "I've spent six years developing and testing the Hay Baby and have used it to transport hundreds of round hay bales. You can use it all year long. During the summer I use it to pick up bales and haul them to storage, and during the winter I move the bales to pasture for feeding.
  "When they first see it, many people can't understand how hauling a large bale behind an ATV can be safe, but it is. The Hay Baby's wheels are spaced farther apart than the vehicle's wheels for stability, and the bale sets very low to the ground. It's equipped with a non-pivoting device that keeps it from ever jack knifing like a trailer would. As a result, you can stop while going downhill with no problem and also back up into small areas. Wherever you go, it goes," says Fast.
  He says a 4-WD ATV with 400 cc or more works best. Maximum bale weight is 1,200 lbs. As an introductory offer, the Hay Baby equipped with a universal hitch sells for $1,895 plus S&H. The model with a receiver hitch sells for $1,795 plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Lonnie Fast, Fast Hay Movers, Inc., Rt. 1, Box 278 A, Fairmont, W. Va. 26554 (ph 304 282-1210; bjfast@suddenlink.net; www.Fasthay movers.com).

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