2009 - Volume #33, Issue #3, Page #08
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Farmstand Signs Attract Customers

Al Humble believes he's selling more okra and other farm produce since he started putting colorful and informative signs on his farmers' market goods. In fact, he watches people pass up other vendors and come to his table - and he believes it's due to his signs. Made of paper stock covered with a heavy grade of lamination, the signs are washable and durable for years of use.
  They worked so well for him that he and his family started a sideline business making signs for others including crafters, tractor and trade show exhibitors, and roadside stand owners.
  Signs they've made have included information as basic as "Eggs For Sale" or "Sweetest Corn In The World." But the Humbles also use them to tell customers nutritional values and how to cook or preserve the fruits and vegetables they sell.
  That's been especially helpful in selling okra, not commonly eaten by many of their New Mexico customers.
  Besides their quality signs (sturdier than those made at office supply stores) the Humbles offer custom artistic design and layout.
  The 11 1/2 by 17-in. signs cost $14 (plus postage), with discounts for six or more signs. Smaller signs are also available.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Al Humble, 12 Crestview Lane, Edgewood, New Mexico 87015 (ph 505 350-0595; ahumble@integrity.com).

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2009 - Volume #33, Issue #3