2004 - Volume #28, Issue #2, Page #30
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Stovetop Distiller

This non-electric water distiller allows you to make pure water anywhere that you can produce heat.
  Waterwise Purification Systems kids that, "You too, can own a legal still," and "People who taste your water will accuse you of bootlegging."
  Whether it be an open fire while camping, a wood stove at the cabin, or a barbeque after a power outage on your kitchen stove, the Waterwise will steam distill up to 16 gal. of pure water per day.
  The stainless steel unit removes all impurities, leaving only the pure water, which some believe helps to dissolve unwanted mineral deposits in the body's joints. The triple-tier system catches water from the steam as it condenses. It takes about 90 minutes to distill 3 quarts when at a rolling boil.
  The unit sells for $349 plus shipping.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Waterwise Purification Systems, P.O. Box 494000, Leesburg, Florida 34749 (ph 800 874-9028; fax 352 787-8123; email: sales@waterwise.com; website: www.waterwise.com).

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2004 - Volume #28, Issue #2