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Low Cost Liquid Manure Spreader
Ron Bernardin, Laurier, Man., built his own 5,000 gal. liquid manure spreader out of scrap material for $1,600 sizeable savings over the $20,000 he says an equivalent-size commercial rig would cost.
Bernardin first cleaned up the corroded 3/8-in. thick, 21-ft. long, 7-ft. dia. tank and welded patches over the holes. He then mounted it on a 1956 REO truck frame equipped with twin axles, dual wheels and rubber block suspension. A pintle hitch and steering mechanism, added to the frame's front end, ensure that the rig follows right behind the tractor, even on sharp turns.
After welding the tank to the truck frame, Bernardin cut a 2-ft. square opening in the top and welded on a funnel chute for loading in manure. To the front of the tank he installed a 1,000 rpm orbit hydraulic motor that powers a centrifugal pump. Manure moves from the pump through a 4-in. discharge tube to the back of the spreader where it hits a 16-in. wide flat iron spreader and is distributed in a 20-ft. wide swath. Bernardin says it takes just 10 min. to unload the tank which weighs about 50,000 lbs. full. He pulls the rig with a 110 hp. tractor.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ron Bernardin, Box 23, Laurier, Man. R0J 1A0 (ph 204 447-2487).

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