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"No Pump" Hand Sprayer
If you've ever used a hand-operated sprayer, and got tired of constantly having to pump the sprayer by hand, you'll be interested in this idea from John Jamieson of Monterey, Tenn.
  Jamieson drilled a small hole in the top of a 2 1/2-gal. poly spray tank and snapped a valve stem into place. Now, when the tank needs more air, he pumps it up with a portable air compressor.
  "Not having to pump up the sprayer makes it much more convenient to use," says Jamieson. "The same idea can be used with any size tank. I came up with the idea because I broke my back which made it difficult to pump the sprayer by hand. The sprayer has a release valve so I don't have to worry about overfilling it with air. Because of the added convenience, I find myself using the sprayer for all kinds of jobs. It can be used with just about any liquid that can be run through a sprayer.
  "For example, sometimes I fill the tank with diesel fuel and use it to burn brush. I don't have to carry a can of diesel fuel with me and worry about spilling the fuel and getting it all over everything.
  "I also use it to spray used oil on equipment to spray orchard trees, and to wash our vinyl siding with soap. I've even used it to stain my wood deck. If I get too much stain on one area I just go back over it with a brush to even it out."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, John Jamieson, 11 Yellow Creek Rd., Monterey, Tenn. 38574 (ph 931 335-0211).

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