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Ball Vise Makes Bench Work Easier
You'll like this new-style vise introduced at the recent Iowa Power Farming Show. Working on small motors or other hard to clamp items is much easier with Monsterballvise from Semmel Enterprises.
  The clever design of the vise allows you to work on all sides of an object without ever reclamping. This innovative design lets you position and reposition the work piece where needed across a near 180 degree arc within a 360 degree circle.
"You can place the held object at any attitude, infinitely variable from fully perpendicular to horizontal and hold it firmly, rigid, and immobile in that selected position," says John Olson, Semmel Enterprises. "Changing positions takes only seconds."
The Monsterballvise has a 1/2-in. steel face plate mounted to a 2-in. dia. stem that extends out of a molded, high-density poly ball. A cross piece welded to the base of the stem and embedded in the center of the ball prevents slippage. Loosen the ball, and it can be rotated from side to side, repositioning the work piece as desired.
The ball, with most of one hemisphere exposed, is held in a heavy-duty framework fabricated from 1/2-in. plate steel. Three models are now available. The bench top unit uses a simple cam lever to lock the ball into position. It weighs 75 lbs. and measures 12 by 12 in. at the base.
Two floor models rely on a twin pedal hydraulic jack system to lock the ball in place. A mechanical locking system is also available. They weigh 197 lbs. and measure 18 by 18 in. at their bases. The fixed height floor model is 31 in. high with the adjustable height model extending up to a 37 1/2-in. height.
The Monsterballvise was designed by a cello maker for working on large stringed instruments. Initial sales were to other musical instrument makers, sculptors and carvers.
The bench top unit is priced at $1,000. The fixed height floor unit is priced at $1,500, and the variable height floor model is priced at $2,200. Prices do not include shipping.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Semmel Enterprises, Inc., 3268 South 31st St., Lincoln, Neb. 68502 (ph 402 730-4590; semmelentvp@aol.com; www.monsterball vise.com).

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