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Fertilizer Buggy Converted Into Dry Fertilizer Tender
Larry Evans, New Paris, Ohio, converted a tandem axle fertilizer buggy into a dry fertilizer tender that he uses to load his planter.
  "I use it to load fertilizer into my 12-row planter, which is equipped with a hydraulically-operated fertilizer auger that runs across the top of the planter. Since the buggy was built to handle fertilizer, it should last much longer than the gravity wagon we had been using," says Evans.
  "I use my pickup to tow it on the highway to our fertilizer supplier, which eliminates ever-increasing fertilizer delivery charges. The auger folds in the middle for road transport. Once I get back home I hook the buggy back up to my Deere 4640 tractor. It'll hold almost four tons of fertilizer."
  The buggy's spreader system was originally pto-driven, and the drag chain originally ran off a ground-driven tire. Evans removed the spreader system on back of the buggy and mounted a gearbox, allowing him to redirect the spreader's pto shaft through the gearbox to operate the drag chain. He fabricated a small hopper at the back of the machine and mounted a 6-in. dia., 12-ft. long hydraulically-powered auger. He also added an orbit motor on back and ran hydraulic hoses from the tractor back to the motor in order to drive the auger.
  "I paid $500 for the fertilizer buggy and spent a total of less than $600 to make the conversion, not counting my labor," says Evans. "The auger and hydraulic motor are off an old wagon that we had been using to haul fertilizer. The buggy was built to handle fertilizer and should last much longer than our old gravity wagon did. I use a pair of 12-volt solenoid control valves on the buggy frame to adjust the speed of both the auger and the belt.
  "The buggy could also be used as a seed tender for unloading soybean seed into a planter, by replacing the drag chain with a brush auger."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Larry Evans, 319 Gibbs Road, New Paris, Ohio 45347 (ph 937 437-3685).

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