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Automatic Shower Soap Dispenser
Say goodbye to slippery bars of soap in the shower.
    The "Quick Shower" replaces your existing showerhead, simply threading onto the existing shower pipe. It consists of a detachable 32-oz. liquid soap container and a plastic showerhead. A soap adjustment knob is used to control the amount of soap being dispensed, and an air adjustment knob controls the aeration or lathering action of the soap.
    Once the soap and air mixture is set for the type of liquid soap being used, the selected mixture will remain the same for every shower.
    It's a fast and easy way to shower because you don't have to fumble with a bar of soap. Both your hands are free to bathe. It also saves time, water and energy by typically cutting your shower time in half.
    A selector lever is used to switch between soaping and rinsing. Moving the lever to the soap position reduces the water volume by about 50 percent to avoid wasting soap. The lever also has an off position if you want extra scrubbing time without having to turn off the faucet.
    "Once you use our automatic shower soap dispenser you'll never want to go back to using a bar of soap," says inventor Bob Bishop. "There's no wrestling with a bar of soap and no wasted soap. My wife and I both love it. We save money by buying liquid soap in gallon jugs for about $7 per gallon. A number of companies make a combination shampoo/body wash which eliminates the need to ever switch bottles."
    Sells for $40 plus $10 S&H.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bob Bishop - NO LONGER IN BUSINESS.

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