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Amazing New Sound-Proofing Material
Walking through the recent International Builders Show in Las Vegas, I heard music blasting out at a high volume. Then it was gone. Again it blasted out and then went away.
Getting closer to the repeating sounds, I saw a speaker being covered and uncovered by a cylindrical shape made of thin black material.
The black layer was Acoustiblok, a mineral filled material called "viscoelastic polymer." Most soundproofing materials try to reduce noise by either blocking or absorbing the sound waves. Acoustiblok vibrates when the sound waves strike it, transforming the acoustical energy into inaudible friction energy. It works like lead, long considered the best soundproofing material. However, it contains neither lead nor asbestos.
At just 1/8 in. thick, the amazingly dense, yet flexible, material reduces as much sound as 12-in. of poured concrete. Multiple layers not only add to sound reduction, but also provide thermal insulation.
At $2 to $3 per square foot, the first-of-its-kind material isn't cheap. However, if sound is a concern, such as when a shop or work area is part of or attached to a house, it may be worth it.
Installation is easy. Acoustiblok can be nailed, stapled or glued in place. Simply cut lengths off a 54-in. wide roll with a box knife and spot-glue it to wood studs, ceiling joists, furring strips or to floors. Rolls come in 30, 60 and 350-ft. lengths. Once the Acoustiblok is in place, it can be covered by wallboard or other surfaces, even carpet.
The material is impervious to salt water, most oils and will not mildew or mold. It will not compress under carpet and acts as a moisture barrier and crack isolator.
Rob Ianelli, marketing manager, Acoustiblok, says the product can be ordered direct from the company
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Acoustiblok International Headquarters, 6900 Interbay Blvd., Tampa, Florida 33616 (ph 813 980-1400; fax 813 849-6347; sales @acoustiblok.com; www.acoustiblok.com).

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