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Chisel Plow Box Scraper
"After heavy spring rains filled our waterways with dirt, I had to either hire someone to do the clean-out, or invent something to do it myself," says Louis Smith, Fort Atkinson, Iowa, who converted an old pull-type chisel plow into a low-cost scraper.
  He bought the 12-ft. Brady chisel plow at a sale for $200. He removed the back row of shanks on the chisel plow and replaced them with a 24-in. high reinforced sheet of steel, welding the steel to vertical lengths of 4-in. sq. tubing. He mounted some of the removed shanks between the plow's front row of shanks, resulting in 15-in. spacing. He also welded a "half moon" sheet of steel onto each side of the chisel plow's frame to form a box.
  "It takes time, but it'll move a lot of dirt. The box fills right up to the frame," says Smith. "I use my 150 hp 2-WD tractor to pull it. The chisels loosen the dirt, and the box traps it so I can move it where I want. I first used it to remove dirt that had washed into our waterways but later I used it to make a new waterway. Neighbors who have borrowed the machine also say it works great.
  "I usually set the chisel points to go about 6 in. deep into the ground.
  "I cut a water pressure tank in half to make a curved cutting edge for the back blade. However, the blade doesn't need to cut very much because the ground has already been loosened by the chisels."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Louis Smith, 1228 280th Ave., Fort Atkinson, Iowa 52144 (ph 563 534-7139).

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