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Easy Way To Make Potting Soil
I came up with an easy way to make potting soil using a flatbed wagon, cement blocks, and a two-stage snowblower. At the time I came up with the idea I was working for a small commercial greenhouse.
  We piled cement blocks four or five high on three sides of the wagon to form an enclosure with a backstop. Then we opened bags of potting soil and spread them out on the wagon floor in an even layer. We made another layer of soil amendments such as Styrofoam balls on top of the potting soil. Then we used the snowblower to mix the material together and blow it against the blocks. We made several passes, always blowing the material in the same direction until it was all piled up against the blocks. Then we used trowels to fill planting trays. It works fast because we can mix the potting soil and amendments together in big batches. Also, there's no need to bend over in order to fill the potting trays. (Bill Holloway, 7940 Bankers Road, Reading, Mich. 49274 ph 517 283-1868)

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