2009 - Volume #33, Issue #1, Page #41
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Easy Way To Get Rid Of Tree Stumps

Here's an easy way to get rid of tree stumps, although you won't get results right away. Just place a black plastic trash bag over the stump and fasten it in place. I use the metal hoops off an old wood barrel to hold the bag on the stump. The bag blocks all the sunlight, so any sprouts that grow up out of the stump will soon die.
  I got the idea after talking to a dairy farmer who, to make a pasture, would cut down trees as low to the ground as he could, and then disked the field and seeded it to grass. The cows would chew any sprouts that grew up off the stumps and they would eventually rot away because there was nothing feeding them. A couple of years later, when the stumps rotted out, the farmer would go back and fill in the holes where the stumps had been. (John Boyd, 3112 Huffine Mill Road, Gibsonville, N.C. 27249 ph 336 621-6379)

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2009 - Volume #33, Issue #1