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Teflon Thread Seal Tape
Glenn Sethre, Longview, Wash.: "I first became aware of Teflon thread seal tape in the early 1960's when it became widely used in the oil fields of western North Dakota and eastern Montana. Since then, I've used it in all sorts of applications such as propane and natural gas lines, high and low pressure water fittings - any place there's a joint.
  "Some people say this tape doesn't work, but I think it's just a case of not knowing how to use the product. It has to be wrapped in the right direction on the male thread. Wrap the tape in the direction that you turn the female on to the male - the same as a nut on a bolt. On plastic or brass, it's hard to start the tape on the slippery threads. To solve the problem, I use a hacksaw blade to scratch the threads at a right angle with the teeth of the blade. I do this around the male thread three or four times on most fittings or on pipe. The slight marks left by the blade give the tape something to grip."

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