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Slick Way To Scoop Snow Or Silage
There's a faster, easier way to "scoop" snow or silage with your tractor loader.
It's the new "positive ejection" bucket from Dohrman Manufacturing, Emerson Neb Designed to do everything conventional snow or silage buckets will do, it has the added advantage of automatic side unloading. A chain-drive ejector plate or arm moves across the bucket to push the load out either end. The hydrauli
cally operated arm sweeps off a bucket full of snow or silage in less than 3 seconds. ..Big advantage of this unique side unloading feature is that it cuts loading time considerably since you don't have to waste time backing up or turning to dump the contents. The high capacity bucket fits most makes of front end loaders (also available in rear mounted models) and is available with optional brackets for either one or two tilt cylinders for operating the unit as a standard tilt bucket. The hydraulic motor which powers the chain driven ejector plate is mounted out of the way behind the bucket to permit use of the full width of the bucket. Suggested retail for the standard size bucket (90 in. wide) is $938, including the hydraulic motor. It's also available in 84 in and 102 in. models.
For more information, contact; FARM SHOW Followup, Dohrman Mfg., Emerson, Neb. 68733 (ph. 402-695-2422).

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