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Turbo Burn Furnace Burns "Anything"
You can burn almost anything in a Turbo Burn outdoor furnace. This little known furnace burns anything from waste oil to corn cobs, grain, wood or coal and burns completely with almost no smoke.
"The Turbo Burn fire can reach 3,000 degrees without any damage to the steel," says Charlotte Dean. "In one two-hour burn, our TB1 model will store 750,000 btu's in the water tank and hold it for up to five days, depending on use."
The high temperature burn is achieved by a forced draft. An insulated water jacket surrounds the firebox, flues, smoke collector and heat exchange chamber. Multiple flues carry the heat from the firebox to the smoke collector and heat exchange chamber.
The 6-ft. tall TB1, the smallest of four models at 3 by 7 ft., holds 750 gal. of water. The firebox is 12 cu. ft. It's sized to supply hot water and heat for a home of up to 4,000 sq. ft. Copper coils in the storage tank serve as heat exchangers, with one 60-ft. coil heating water for each application. A control system and pump integrated with a home thermostat circulates water through a closed loop to heat homes and other buildings.
"The Turbo Burn can be used to heat a home, hot water, pool, hot tub, greenhouse and other structures," says Dean. "It can be used in existing homes as well as in new construction, and one unit can serve multiple buildings."
The TB1 is priced at $9,755 and includes one copper coil. Each additional coil is another $700. The forced air furnace adapter package is $925, and a domestic hot water package is $495.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Turbo Burn, Inc., 4225 E. Joseph, Spokane, Wash. 99217 (ph 509 487-3609; fax 509 483-0148; sales@turboburn.net; www.turboburn.net).

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