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Gun Barrel Fitted With Homemade "Laser Sight"
Dim light can make it hard to fire a gun accurately, because if it's too dark you can't see the sight. To solve the problem, Ken Voigt strapped a battery-operated, carpenter's laser light onto a gun barrel.
  "It lets me project a small red dot wherever I aim," says Voigt, who uses the laser sight on a JC Higgins 9-shot, 22-caliber revolver. "It's very accurate. I can use either the laser light or the iron sight and they'll both hit on the same spot."
  The laser light was originally designed to clamp onto a standard carpenter's level. Voigt used a hacksaw to shorten up the body of the laser by about one third, then made a metal bracket that attaches the laser light to the bottom of the gun barrel. A short length of angle iron is glued to the top of the laser to form a V-groove, which automatically centers the laser on the barrel. Four threaded bolts secure the angle iron to an aluminum plate on top of the barrel.
  "I use it to keep squirrels out of my shop. It really works," says Voigt. "I bought the laser light at a local hardware store for $30."
   To make sure the laser sight is accurate, I clamped the gun in a vise and used a line level to line up the gun's iron sights with a nail head 30 ft. away. Then I adjusted it so the laser light hit right on the nail head."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ken Voigt, 9208 Pasture Lane, Wausau, Wis. 54403 (ph 715 842-8471; KV57@aol.com).

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