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He Loves His Simple Ski Track Maker
Matt and Doris Meinczinger of Busby, Alberta, use a simple but very effective home-built "track setter" when they're in the mood for some cross-country skiing.
    They bought the sled-type unit from someone else who had made it, and then Matt modified it to his liking.
    "It's just a steel toboggan with points welded on the bottom, about 18 in. apart to make the tracks," Matt explains.
    Before he sets the tracks, Meinczinger uses his snowmobile to pull a 2 1/2 by 6-ft. sleigh (carrying cement blocks) for packing the first few snowfalls. Then the trail is ready for track setting. "Depending on how icy the conditions are, I load cement blocks onto the track setter for weight."
    Meinczinger says he pulls the unit with his snowmobile at 9 to 12 mph, and he has done over 930 miles of track with it so far.
    "It does a good job. It'll cut through fairly icy conditions," he says. "I pull it with an air-cooled skidoo, which I geared down so it won't ever overheat."
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Matt and Doris Meinczinger, P. O. Box 34, Busby, Alberta, Canada T0G 0H0 (ph 780 349-2456).

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