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Front-End Backhoe Powered By Rear-Mounted Hydraulics
After buying a 1973 Deere backhoe, Edwin Bienvenue discovered his C Allis Chalmers wasn't big enough to handle it as a rear mount. Instead of trading tractors, he mounted the backhoe on the 1946 C's front-end loader and installed a platform on back of the tractor to hold a stand-alone hydraulic motor and pump off a Troy-Bilt wood splitter.
"I call it my Allis Chalmers/John Deere/ Troy backhoe," he says. "Mounted on my loader arms, I can pick it up and set it where I want it. I've done a lot of digging with it, both digging ditches and burying stumps."
Bienvenue bolted a length of 8-in. angle iron across the backhoe's original mount. He installed plates on the angle iron that pinned to the arms of the loader. In lieu of the top-link on a 3-pt. connection, he bolted a brace from the backhoe to the crossbar on the loader arms.
The power unit from the 27-ton Troy-Bilt splitter is a 2005 Briggs and Stratton engine and hydraulic pump. Bienvenue bought the splitter and then stripped the cylinder and wheels and mounted the unit on a rear-mounted platform. He also mounted cement weights on the platform to balance out the weight of the backhoe.
"The loader easily handles the weight of the backhoe as long as I don't run at full speed, " says Bienvenue.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Edwin Bienvenue, 571 County Route 17, Bernhards Bay, N.Y. 13028 (ph 315 675-8354).

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