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Replaceable Plastic Cutting Tips Eliminate Mower Blade Sharpening
How would you like it if you never had to sharpen a mower blade ever again? That's what will happen if this new mower blade with replaceable cutting tips catches on.
   "New Edge" blades made their debut at the recent Green Industry Expo, in Louisville, Ky. Since the show, inventor and manufacturer, Jim Lindmeyer, has been swamped with orders from professional lawn care companies and retailers.
He says the simplicity of always maintaining a sharp cut is what has attracted attention from potential customers. "The poly tips are easy to replace, and it takes just seconds compared to unbolting a metal blade," says Lindmeyer. "The cutting tips slip easily into the blade with no tools, and centrifugal force keeps them seated. A double locking safety system makes sure they will never fly off during mowing."
The blade - which is actually not a blade, but a holder for the cutting tips - is fashioned from American-made steel with a powder coat finish. The polypropylene cutting tips are designed to create a lifting effect. Each tip has a cutting edge out front with a toothed edge at the back that lifts and mulches cut grass. Lindmeyer says the plastic tips are made to stand up to the heaviest use and are resistant to most liquids found in a typical garage or shop.
"They're nontoxic and recyclable," he says. "Each pair should last for 8 to 10 hours of cutting. When they need replacing, you just pull out the worn ones and slip new ones in."
Lindmeyer currently sells direct to dealers but is also setting up distributors. He says the largest wholesaler in Canada has taken on the product and will be making it available through Canadian lawn and garden equipment retailers. Cutting tips come in packs of 6 pairs and sell for under $10, or 12 pairs for under $18. The tip holder "blade" has a suggested retail price of less than $20.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, New Edge LLC, P.O. Box 153, Hutchinson, Minn. 55350 (ph 320 583-5504; jlindmeyer@new edgellc.com; www.newedgellc.com).

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