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Pig Walker
I am in the third grade at the Wheatland Elementary School in Calamus, Iowa. I won a "Best of the Show" award in a regional invention contest at my school for a "Pig Walker" strap I invented for saving pigs that are born with straddled legs. It consists of a strap with 5 snaps on it (you buy the snaps already on material). You wrap the strap around the hind legs using the first and second snaps and the fourth and fifth snaps. This leaves a space between the legs for the pig to walk. The pig only needs to wear the strap for 2 or 3 days, just until the legs are strong enough to walk without support. If a straddle-legged pig is left unattended, it usually dies because it can't get to the udder to nurse. My Dad has used my strap several times and has saved every pig. I would like to sell this strap but I don't know how to go about it. Can anyone help? (SherriSchroeder, Rt. 1, Box 125, Lost Nation, Iowa 52254 ph 319 246-2654)

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1990 - Volume #14, Issue #3