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Bike Cart "ATV" Helps Keep Him Healthy
John Hohmann, 67, has his own kind of ATV, one that gives him a bit of exercise as he works around his 217-acre Pataskala, Ohio, farm.
  "I can trace this back to my grandfather, who made me a cart on bike wheels when I was a child. I just pulled it around," Hohmann says.
  Twenty years ago, he built a cart that he can pull with a mountain bike.
  "It rolls nicely behind. I used an adult tricycle I picked up at a sale. We cut it off at the fork, where the handlebars and steering wheel are, and welded an old steel pipe to go to the hitch," Hohmann explains. He welded a hitch receiver under the mountain bike seat.
  He built the cart's box out of scrap wood. It's big enough to hold a couple rolls of baling twine or two 5-gal. buckets. In the winter, he unhitches the cart and pulls it right into the back porch with a load of firewood every day.
  Use air-filled tires, Hohmann emphasizes, to make the cart roll easier. Having a mountain bike with gears also makes it easier to pedal on grass and gravel.
  With many chores - fencing, feeding animals and growing a large garden to sell produce - the cart is used regularly.
  Instead of riding expensive gas-guzzling vehicles around the farm, Hohmann suggests bike carts make sense in many ways.
  "You get a lot of exercise and the only fuel you need is a quart of water an hour for the rider," he notes.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, John Hohmann, 11015 Mill St. S.W., Pataskala, Ohio 43062 (ph 740 927-8268).

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