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Magpie Decoy Brings In Coyotes
If it squawks like a magpie and looks like a magpie, it might just be a Squawking Magpie predator decoy from E.L.K., Inc.
"The first time I set one up, I had 15 to 20 magpies fly in and sit in a nearby tree squawking back," says Don Laubach, E.L.K., Inc. "They were looking for the kill site. In the West, when coyotes hear magpies, they come looking, and so do other magpies."
The decoy squawks for 40 seconds and is silent for 20 seconds before repeating its call. Laubach says coyotes walk right up to it to check it out.
Laubach notes that magpies are considered a pest in Canada and can be hunted there to reduce pressure on songbirds. He has also sold the decoy to bird watchers.
"Birds of prey, hawks and eagles, will come at a great distance to see what a magpie is squawking about," says Laubach.
The wildlife specialist has built a business around calling wild animals, including turkeys, deer and multiple methods of attracting coyotes. He ships his magpies, DVD's and other materials all over the world.
He notes that the Squawking Magpie, which sells for $39.95 plus shipping, is gaining popularity even in areas where the bird is not normally found.
"It will still bring coyotes in," he says. "There is something about hearing birds squawking."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, E.L.K., Inc, P.O. Box 85, Gardiner, Montana 59030 (toll free 800 272-4355; info@elkinc.net; www.elkinc.com).

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