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"Pressue Guard" For Pressure Washers
"It keeps water and debris from splashing back onto you," says Kevin Kuhbacher about his new "Pressure Guard" that attaches to the spray wand on any pressure washer.
  The Pressure Guard is a 4-in. dia. cone made from heavy duty, clear plastic that mounts at the end of the spray wand with a couple of screws.
  "The cone deflects water and debris outward instead of straight back at you," says Kuhbacher. ""It works great for hosing off machinery, inside dairy barns, or anywhere else a pressure washer is used. I came up with the idea when I worked at a nearby coal mine. I spent a lot of time using a pressure washer to clean off equipment and got a lot of grease and dirt on me. Now I stay a lot cleaner.
  "Several local businesses are already using my Pressure Guard, and the operators are so impressed they no longer want to use a pressure washer without the guard."
  The Pressure Guard sells for $27 plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Safety Products, LLC, 213 Primrose Drive, Gillette, Wyoming 82716 (ph 307 680-8405 or 307 680-8341; safetyproductsllc@yahoo.com).

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