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ATV-Pulled Cart For Joyrides
Steve Howie, Fairmont, N.C., wanted a new utility vehicle to drive his wife and grandchildren in, but he didn't want to spend the money. He solved the problem by building a 2-wheeled cart that he pulls behind his Yamaha 4-WD ATV.
  "We use it at our vacation cabin in the mountains. It works perfect for taking my wife and grand kids down to a river where the kids can play. It seats three adults or two adults and two kids. Best of all, I spent less than $300 to build it," says Howie.
  The cart measures 5 ft. wide and has a 4-ft. wide plywood seat, which is equipped with three car seat belts and a backrest that doubles as a rollbar in case of a tip-over. The wheels and axle are off an old Chrysler "K car", with a pair of shocks off a Yamaha motorcycle. The frame is built from 1 by 3 and 2 by 2-in. steel tubing and angle iron. The floor is made from expanded metal and supports a handrail made from EMT metal tubing.
  The 5-ft. long tongue is made from 2-in. sq. tubing and has a 2-in. receiver hitch. As a result, Howie can haul the ATV in his pickup and pull the cart behind.
  "It's fun to ride - the motorcycle shocks work much like a McPherson strut suspension system to keep the ride soft," says Howie. "I didn't bother to have the seat upholstered because I stand the cart up on end in my garage whenever I'm not using it and didn't want spiders and other insects crawling all over it. I just put a pad on the plywood seat whenever we go out riding.
  "I bought the fenders for $12 apiece and paid $50 for the wheels and axle, which I bought used at a junk yard. I spent another $100 for the steel tubing and $60 for the three seat belts."
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Steve Howie, 5002 Pleasant Hope Rd., Fairmont, N.C. 28340 (ph 276 952-6506 or 910 827-1679; tb@stevehowie.com).

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